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My name is Angela and I didn’t always know what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” I knew was that I wanted to inspire others and make a difference in the world but that didn’t seem like something to “BE.”

I assumed, that I had to be like “most people” and get a job or have a career that’s common i.e; a lawyer, doctor, nurse, veterinarian but these are all common misconceptions. I thought that following my dream of becoming an author and filmmaker was just impossible.

I didn’t quite grasp the understanding that all paths you choose in life are not always the easiest paths to walk. Even if I did become any of those people I thought I was supposed to be it would involve determination and hard work, so why was my dream unobtainable? Well, this was because I was viewing it from the perspective of a “dream” and not something that would some day become my reality. I was limited in my thinking and what I was truly capable of accomplishing.

I spent years of my life with this faulty belief system and it was one that lead me down a path that kept me addicted to drugs, alcohol and self-sabotage. And it wasn’t until one day I reached a crossroad in my life where I became tired of living my life the way I had been living it and I needed a change. I realized the only person who was going to be capable of changing anything in my life…was me! So I did exactly this. 

It began with me writing to myself in my journal, which then turned into the book, “Thought Land” which can be found on Amazonkindle.com. I also began blogging in the hopes that my story would help inspire others here @ creatingthemindnow.com. I started my own YouTube, “Creating The Mind Now” channel that guides you with information on how to make changes in your life, build, break and create new habits and to love yourself while making YOUR dreams a reality. 

My dream now is to spread the awareness that I have come to with as many people as I can through my writing and film-making. I am hoping the radio waves will allow me to reach a greater audience creating this reality for me, and others like me. 

Check me out on YouTube   https://youtu.be/m7S04gsilfs  

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Read my Authors page http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01C4CZSI0

Check out “Thought Land” @ Amazon.com   http://tinyurl.com/hld9quy  


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