How is a BELIEF created

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What exactly IS a belief…

What strengthens it…

How do they grow…


This is what I have learned.

I recently decided to splurge and spend $99 on a new pair of glasses that had a strong frame and felt incredible on my face. I had been wearing the same pair of glasses for 4 years that were FREE through my insurance company but the frame was rather weak. 

While purchasing the glasses I thought to myself, “I bet I will lose these glasses since I am buying them! I’ve had the pair I got FOR FREE for 4 years and never lost them but since I am BUYING THESE, they will inevitably get lost or broken.” 

In that moment when I handed over my credit card, I had a FEELING these glasses would got broken or lost.

And guess what…

A couple weeks later…


I took a trip to the Bahamas and lost them somewhere along the way. 

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Was it simply because I BELIEVED that it would?



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It is inevitable that some things WILL happen but at the same time, they may never happen at all. 

The real importance here is, how we THINK about things when the event does occur.

The fact of the matter is…


But how?


This is because, over time, in my life, when things (events) would happen and something WOULD get lost or ruined I would always think, “I can’t have anything nice or expensive. It always gets ruined or lost!

So every time there was a moment that would arise, giving me THE OPPORTUNITY to strengthen this thought…

I DID!!!! 

I thought THESE thoughts over and over again UNTIL it became so powerful it turned into a belief!! 

A subconscious conditioned way of thinking.

And I didn’t even question it.

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When I finally learned more about beliefs, how they are created and that they can be changed I decided to make a change in my thinking.

When I lost my glasses I stopped myself. 

I wrote in my journal about it…

I got to the deep rooted cause of it all and realized that this way of thinking, this “belief” was no longer serving me.

It needed to be changed and I was going to be the one to change it. I was going to give strength to a new way of thinking, each and every time something “like this” would happen.

Now when things happen like those moments above, I change the thought. I think to myself, “Something even better is coming along. Be patient.” 😊

And guess what…

On Mothers Day, a few weeks later, my boyfriend bought me a new pair of glasses that are glare free and transition in the sunlight. They are absolutely amazing. Now, I am so GLAD I lost those glasses, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have this even better pair. The glare free and transition changed my experience with glasses immensely. 

More and more events keeps happening FOR ME to STRENGTHEN this new way of thinking and soon turn it into “my new belief system.” 

I think once you BELIEVE something you perceive things on that level of belief. 

You see your life through the perspective of that way of thinking…

You BELIEVE what you think…

🤔 💭 


Please comment below about some beliefs you may have that you would like to change and follow creating the mind now for more life changing articles. 

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