When things don’t go as planned.

Have you ever had one of those days…


The day where you wake up with “PLANS.” 

You get your daughter dressed in a brand new outfit and “PLAN” to take some cute photos of her. You start making yourself the spinach egg white omelette you laid in bed thinking about all last night. You imagined how cute she would look in the photos and how delicious your omelette will taste.

You ask your 2 year old son if he wants some eggs and he tells you “No,” so you proceed to making yours and the moment you are done and he sees you going to eat, he changes his mind.

Now he wants yours!!

You put your eggs on the table and they begin to get cold because of course you had to stop to make him his own. If not, all he will do is whine the entire time, BUT had you made him some in the first place, he wouldn’t have eaten them!

Your boyfriend/husband says, “I will feed the baby breakfast,” and you say to him, “I just ripped the tags off of her clothes so please be careful. I dressed her nice today because she is turning 9 months and I plan to get a cute picture of her.”

Five seconds later you hear your boyfriend scream out, “Oh no Isla,” and you look over to see her COMPLETELY COVERED in her pineapple, avocado and pear jar of food. 

Oh, did I forget to mention your period is also due TODAY? 



So now you are cleaning up everything that has spilled and 15 minutes has already gone by. Your eggs are cold, your child and high chair are covered in a sticky mess, her brand new outfit is ruined, towels are covered in food and now, LUCKY YOU, have more laundry to do. 


So you silently but angrily you lose your shit on the inside KNOWING how many times in the past you’ve told him DO NOT LEAVE THE FOOD IN REACH OF HER BECAUSE SHE WILL GRAB AT!!! 

Then…it’s not so silent anymore and you start loudly washing everything off as you stew more on the inside. The anger and everything that annoys you begins to build and build until all you can feel is this heavy dense energy weighing you so deep down you’re ready to EXPLODE. 

The day is now COMPLETELY RUINED because nothing is going as planned.


I almost had a day like that today. I almost let these small moments ruin my mood for the entire day. 

See here’s the thing…



I had planned (in my mind) to get up, make my delicious omelette, eat said omelette, dress baby Isla in her new outfit and take adorable photos of her!! 


But here is the truth…

This was all just my imagination. I had imagined all of these things going TO PLAN and the moment in which everything changed, my mind couldn’t seem to deal with that change. 

The bigger truth is…

Things do not always happen how we image and PLAN them to. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. Sometimes we are presented with moments that teach us how to “go with flow,” and how to become the best version of ourself.

My son and daughter probably won’t look back on pictures of themself and think, “Wow, I look adorable in this outfit Mom.” Let’s be honest, we all look dorky in our childhood photos and wonder what the hell our parents were thinking. Haha.

My children will however, form memories and observe me as they grow up. They will remember whether I was an angry person who always lost her temper, or a mom who had learned that there was no point in crying over spilled jars of baby food. 

My anger has gotten the best of me at times. I will not pretend that I am perfect and that I can always control my reactions. I can honestly sit here and say, that I do learn something every time things do not go “as PLANNED.”

I learn something and then I remember it for the next moment that doesn’t go “as planned.”

I remember to accept the present moment.

I remember to go with the flow.

I remember this is an opportunity to be who I want to be. 

I remember to let whatever is happening be what is happening.

I remember to control my emotions and try not to react out of habit.

I remember that all of my life is full of lessons that I will need to remember. 

I remember not everything goes according to MY plan.

There is quote I once read, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”-Woody Allen.


This quote usually helps me get through whatever I am resisting in the moment. 

See the thing is…


If I stopped resisting and stopped thinking that what I had planned was how it was all supposed to go then I wouldn’t have gotten so angry. 

If I remembered in the great scheme of things, that this reaction and this moment is something bigger than a photo, or an omelette, I wouldn’t have gotten so enraged. 


Moments in life will show us who we are. We can either continue to be that person or use the moment as an opportunity to create change. 

There are moments where I am proud of my behavior and moments where I feel disappointed in myself. However, I do not allow myself to feel disappointed for long. Instead, I LEARN FROM THE MOMENT. I remember how my behavior made me feel and try to use the future to create change. 

The future is FULL of moments to create change, lessons to learn and things to remember. 


Opportunity is all around us.

So the next time you have “plans” that dont go as planned…

Just remember…


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