My redecorating story

My “redecorating” story…

It has definitely been a crazy year. After moving back up north after almost 10 years, I left all the material possessions I had accumulated down south including, Cash’s brand new crib, dresser, room decor, all of my clothes, furniture and memories. Everything I had spent my whole life accumulating was just gone. 

Now I had to start redecorating. 

I made a decision not to carry all that weight with me. I was letting go of the past and looking forward to building an incredible future. I reminded myself that they are just “things” and I cannot take them with me when I die. 

I knew that leaving all this behind opened space to start new and fresh but I won’t lie, I was still scared shitless!!! 

A new mom with a 3month old baby and not a dime to my name. I didn’t have a job, a clue or a way. All I had was the hope and faith that lived inside of me. I held tightly to the thoughts that something beautiful and amazing was going to happen if I just let go of what was hurting me. 

Time went on and my heart began to heal. People filled it with love, support and I soon started to find my way again. 

I missed my friends and wanted someone to share my thoughts with. So a few months later I joined eharmony looking for someone else looking for what I was looking for. 

And then magic happened. 

I found my best friend.

Ryan Guerra.

As you’ve all seen our life quickly began together and I wouldn’t change one single thing about us!!! Separate we are amazing but together we can conquer and accomplish ANYTHING.

Ryan and I will be welcoming our daughter into the world in 3 months time and I could not be more blessed to find such an amazing human being to share my life’s experiences with. He had restored a part of me that I thought I would never find again. 

He is my other half. 

As time moves forward I strive to be the best version of myself and show my children what really matters. It is not just the objects outside of you that you possess that matter. 

You can always accumulate more “things.” 

It is the stuff inside of you that truly matters. 

Your beliefs

Your values

Your passion and

Your purpose. 

I will always remind them to surround themselves with people who bring out the best in them and to let go of whatever is weighing them down to make space for something new and wonderful. 


we need to destroy something before we can rebuild something even more beautiful.

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