Is your life’s coloring book full of quality or quantity?

A six year old and her coloring book.

I watch as my 6 year old stepdaughter colors in her pictures in such a rush. I wonder why because I know that as soon as she is done she will just move onto the next one.

Like most children and ADULTS, it seems she values QUANTITY over QUALITY!

I asked my fiancé why it seems that as humans we are conditioned to just “get something done” rather than take our time? Why don’t we put in the extra effort needed to make ONE thing special that makes it stand out from all the rest?

Why do we slack on the details that take “time” in hopes of just getting to the end result faster?

It appears that in life we rush to finish our picture and then move on to the next one that needs coloring, all the while forgetting that the beauty lies within the details.


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