Your mind is a shoebox.


It is moving day and I find myself standing in the middle of the room looking around at all the objects I have accumulated up to this point in my life. I look down at my feet and notice the brown shoebox that has been taken with me on all of my moves over the past eleven years. “I will clean it out when I get to the new house,” I tell myself as I pick it up and place it in the backseat of my car. I am quickly reminded that this is what I have told myself about it for every single move I have made for the past eleven years and still the box has yet to be opened.

Why haven’t I stopped to open it and look inside? A better question is why have I been carrying it around with me when it is obvious that there isn’t anything I really need inside of it, since I have not needed what’s in it up to this point. Basically what I have been carrying around in this box is a bunch of junk.

Do you have a shoebox full of junk that you have been “carrying” around with you? Don’t you think it is about time that you clean it out and get rid of what you no longer need? Your shoebox should only be filled with what helps you and not what hinders you. 

Imagine your mind as this shoebox and in it you carry with you all of your beliefs. Some of your beliefs may be “junk” beliefs and it may be time that you clean it out. What subconscious beliefs are you carrying that you no longer need and what can you do to lighten your load? Some of you reading this may be wondering what I mean by “lightening your load.”

Here are some JUNK beliefs that you should ask yourself if you are carrying with you…


Do I avoid change?

Change is inevitable. Be open to change and do not resist it. Allow for change to be something you want in your life rather than remaining stagnant and lacking growth. CHANGE IS GROWTH AND GROWTH IS CHANGE. Challenge yourself!

Do I challenge myself?

A lot of us enjoy the “comfort zone.” The comfort zone is easy for us and allows for everything to remain the same without ever challenging yourself or pushing yourself to see what you can achieve. Why continue to do the same things you already know how to do? LEARN SOMETHING NEW.

Do I have a closed mind?

It is true that you do not know everything and what may be “true” for you is not for someone else. If you keep a closed mind, you are preventing yourself from learning something new and if you stop learning you stop living.

Do I get jealous of others success?

If you feel jealous of others success I am here to tell you to change this belief and begin by feeling happy for others. Now imagine this, you can always FEEL HAPPY and create that feeling while living vicariously through others success. This new belief will also allow for your own success to grow and attract more events into your life that make you feel happy. The success of others does not, in any way, lessen the chances of you succeeding.

Do you think about failing before you ever even try to succeed?

Your thoughts control your perspective; your perspective controls your results and your results are determined by the action you take. Thinking about what you want to succeed at and then thinking about how you won’t involves no action at all. TAKE ACTION! You will never know where you could have ended up if you never take the first step.

Do I focus on my weaknesses rather than my strengths?

Albeit, working on our weaknesses does have its benefits, it is more important to focus on banking on our strengths. You are, whether or not you believe it, capable of ANYTHING you put your mind to and possess great strength. A weakness within you is simply your minds belief that it is not capable of achieving something. A weakness does not have to be perceived as a “weakness.” Often times, we are good at something because we are bad at something else.

Do I blame myself for things outside of my control?

There are things outside of you that you cannot control. What you do have is the ability to choose your thoughts and create the perspective you are having, which in return will then create your experience. If you cannot physically change it than why blame yourself? I suggest taking control of your right to choose. CHOOSE THE THOUGHTS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.                                    

Do I repeat my mistakes?

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting a different result. What you perceive in your mind to be a mistake will continue to happen to you because you are being given an opportunity to change. Believe it or not YOU WANT TO CHANGE and in this want, you will inevitably continue to attract the same situations and events. These events that you label as “mistakes” are not mistakes but rather you being given what you want and that is an opportunities to change!

Do I feel sorry for myself?

Don’t! I am here to tell you it is a waste of your time. It is that simple.

Do I constantly try to please others?

You cannot. All you must do is please yourself. This may sound selfish but it is absolutely okay to be selfish, in fact we should all start to care more about how we FEEL on the inside rather than what we think others want from us. All anyone can ever ask from you is that you do your best. All you can ever ask from YOURSELF is that you do your best. At the end of the day if you can lay your head down and KNOW that you did your best, than that is pleasing yourself!

Do I give in to my fears?

FACE YOUR FEARS and make that the most important work you do! I can promise you that what you THINK about that creates the feeling of fear within you, once acted upon, will no longer exist and you will realize that the only thing to fear was fear itself. The feeling of fear will hold you back every time. Do not allow yourself to live in fear.

Do I work on changing beliefs that no longer work for me?

The most important thing in your life is you! Take the time you have been given to create the best version of yourself. I suggest beginning now…CLICK HERE TO GET RID OF YOUR JUNK BELIEFS.

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