Do you struggle?



Have you ever stopped to think about all the billions of people in the world? I mean honestly have you? When we truly consider what it means to have so many people in the world with their own thoughts and emotions separate from our self it becomes a lot to process mentally. There are people in this world that are not relative to you but they too still exist with their own individual thoughts and emotions.

What if they were not so different from you and I though? What if they thought the same way you did but you just never stopped to consider it? I mean when we think about it we do share a lot of the same thoughts. For example the other day I went to the zoo with my fiancé and his daughter and thought “Wow, all these people had the same thought as us.” Imagine that, all these hundreds of other people with the same thought about the same thing that we had bringing us all here together now. This thought got me to thinking…

I wonder how many of us go about our daily lives and forget that other people are thinking about their own individual life struggles. The woman who bags your groceries, the man crossing the crosswalk ahead of you as you wait at the red light, the man driving beside you who is stopped at the red light, the woman in line behind you as well as the countless other human beings you come into contact with daily have their own struggles. They too are having their own thoughts about their life situation. These thoughts that create emotions within them.

We simply see them. We walk past them. We continue living in our own minds thinking about our own “struggles” and not knowing that someone else, someone beside us, someone behind us, someone outside of us also struggles silently as we make our way through the day.

The people we “blame” for what has happened in our lives have their own struggles. The individuals we “blame” and condemn as we pass judgement upon them also have their own struggles. The decisions we label as “wrong” decisions others have made are actions that could have been acted out because they too, like you and I also struggle. The man who stole from someone earlier today, he too struggles.

I wonder if we all knew that we all have our own internal struggle that we may come together and offer an ear in hopes of simply stopping to listen. I wonder how many of us have ever stopped to ask a stranger “What are you struggling with?” even if it is only for a moment. I wonder if we put our judgements aside and considered other people outside of our self to be someone like our self. Someone who needs to hear what OUR SELF needs to hear. I wonder if these other people were simply put here to tell OUR SELF what we need to hear.


My name is Angela, and I struggle with my thoughts. I have been struggling with my thoughts on how to write this in hopes of reaching others. I struggle with what I think to be my own individual thoughts. The thoughts that have lead me on a search for the truth. I wonder if the truth is…other people struggle with these thoughts too.

What is your struggle?



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